Event Photography

My Event Photography Portfolio

I strive to capture the atmosphere, movement, energy and fun of your events with a mixture of candid and portrait shots with a modern, contemporary feel. Careful, expert use of software such as Lightroom and Photoshop is used to bring my pictures alive and bring out the most flattering side of your gorgeous and glamorous guests. Some of my recent clients include Salans International Law, Marsh and Parsons, Exponential, Altro, Pure Events, Aegeas and Hamptons International . Event photography appears easy but the reality is very different.
A client is placing their trust in you to capture their event, a one off event that cannot be replicated, it has to be right.

Knowing when to stay on the periphery of a large group of people in order to get atmospheric shots, and when to approach people for posed portrait pictures is essential, people like to settle in to an event and need to relax and get used to their surroundings before having a camera shoved in their face.

Much of the time you will be working in a low light environment; most decent event organisers control the mood with the use of lighting so you have to be able to work with whatever light is available. Knowing how to set up your camera to cope with dimly lit rooms is essential, as is having the right equipment. A fast lens and a camera that can cope with high ISO capabilities are a must.

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